Training is a part of our culture at KW Urban.

Most of our classes are taught by agents in the office on topics that they feel passionate about. We love to share our successes, learn from our failures and grow as a team. You'll never feel you're alone at KW, check out some of our options. Better yet, just us!





IGNITE! Ignite Training is especially designed for new agents looking to kick off their career in the right direction. It runs 2 hours a day for 2 weeks and we try to run it monthly.

Tech Buzz: What's the latest and greatest? How do I deal with all the technology in the Real Estate business? How can I make the most out of the KW Technology? Our technology classes are HANDS-ON! We find the workshop format makes a much better learning experience for the mind of a Realtor.

Lunch & Learn: We regularly invite vendors and affiliates into the office for a quick 30-45 training class. They bring lunch and teach us about a diverse set of topics such as reading a title policy, contract updates, property management obligations and other interesting topics.

Any Realtor is welcome. You don't have to be a KW Urban agent to join in. Just drop us a note and ask for a copy of the training calender.